A Church is always about “belief.”

 What people believe has a tremendous impact on how they live, the things they value and how they find purpose for life. Everyone “believes” something. Not all churches “believe” the same thing and many don’t follow what they say they believe. Bible Baptist Church accepts the Bible to be the Word of God and thus, it is the source of truth and all that we believe.

It is a Book to be trusted and embraced. Its pages are filled with God’s personal message to the human race. In it we find hope and direction for our lives and our families. God is alive and very much interested in us, His special creation. He has chosen to communicate with us through His Word, the Bible, and we are wise to believe and follow its words.

Our “Faith” at Bible Baptist is gleaned from the Bible only. No man-made documents or laws have been considered in our church over the sixty-eight year history of it.  We believe the Bible is sufficient, and we have done our best to be faithful students of it.